At SnapTravel, we are working on complex problems within NLP (understanding and replying to ambiguous human messaging), Conversational Commerce (optimizing conversions and new user behavior over chat) and Machine Learning (choosing the best hotel automatically from a large data set with extremely complex market dynamics).

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience who wants to push the boundaries of tech and travel. We have a no BS, get things done attitude and you must be willing to own your features end to end. As a company, we value feedback highly and use qualitative (talking to users) and quantitative (metrics, A/B testing) to figure out what’s most important and ship features on weekly sprints. We’re a small team so you’ll have lots of autonomy to make significant impact and tackle very interesting technical challenges. There will be an opportunity to take on technical leadership roles as the company grows.

The Tech:
- We have a SOA architecture powered by many micro services, including the bot platform, the NLP engine and the recommendation engine
- Real-time bot platform using Node, Express, SocketIO and React
- Recommendation and pricing engine using Python, Flask, Numpy, Scikit, Postgres and Redis

- At least 4 years of software development work experience
- Ability to learn fast regardless of the language/technologies used
- Taking ownership and shipping entire features end to end
- Machine learning experience a strong plus
- Flexibility in work hours and tasks given that we’re a fast growing startup